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Effectively expanding the talent pool with ‘Analytics’

Hi outbound recruiters! hireEZ appreciates all your support on the platform, and we are dedicated to supporting our users through the entire recruitment process. That’s why we’re opening a new session in the community forum to share the best practice cases. Our first case here is about effectively expanding the talent pool with our Analytics tab.

What to do when run out of candidates?

It can be a challenge to search for niche candidates. Quite often, when you input the search criteria, only a few candidates are qualified. If you loosen the search criteria, although the talent pool gets bigger, sometimes the candidates will not align as closely to the role requirements. 

One of our hireEZ users, M, who was trying to source product managers with medical devices experience in a specific location, ran into a similar scenario. She had input the requirements step-by-step, however, only a few candidates populated, and soon she ran out of profiles to review. She then turned to her CSM, Peri, for help. 

Using Analytics as the 2nd layer of sourcing

Helping her quickly identify the must-have requirements and the nice-to-haves, Peri then asked M to loosen the criteria for nice-to-haves (for example, expand the criteria for total years of experience). 

Based on the discussion with the user, Peri guided the user to the Analytics tab, where they gained insights into the talent pool to determine how to best modify the search criteria to align with the available talent in the market. In this case, knowing that the industry background (in the medical devices space) was crucial to M’s search, Peri looked at the top 10 companies & top 10 industries from the Analytics with M. With the ability to click on the specific filtered groups, M found more qualified candidates in specific industries and certain companies she recognised. She even scrolled down, checked some of the top schools, and found some good fits there!

Analytics: real-time breakdown of the sourced talent pool

In the hireEZ  Enterprise plan, the Analytics tab is a valuable component of the search process, helping monitor the market statistics based on our job criteria in real-time. 

With the help of Analytics, you can view the full candidate pool to better hone in on candidates from specific fields, or to pick more suitable criteria that aligns more closely to the candidates in the market. Learning from this case - when you are running out of candidates, you can try to expand the talent pool by loosening the nice-to-have criteria, and then use the Analytics tab as the second (or even first!) layer of your sourcing process.

To learn more about the Analytics tab, please refer to this article: Enterprise: The Persona/Analytics Page

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speakEZ: Becoming an Effective Talent Advisor with Jim Schnyder

Hi and happy Monday, community members!

hireEZ is extremely proud of the end-to-end outbound recruiting platform we’ve built for users like you. Yet, we realize that there is a potential disconnect on what that fully entails and how our platform’s features can be best used.

To address any disconnect, we’ve started a brand new series called speakEZ. It’s where recruitment industry leaders in our space speak to their favorite hireEZ platform features and breakdown how they use them to perform their best.

We’re kicking off this series with President of Recruiting Advisors, Jim Schnyder.

Jim Schnyder, Founder of Recruiting Advisors, shows you how hireEZ has been an integral part of his ability to find talent and consult his clients using analytics and shared profiles.

We hope this speakEZ helps you become better, faster and stronger at recruiting quality talent on hireEZ. Have specific questions about the platform? Reach out to your CSM or AM, they’d love to help!

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Is Splits Recruiting a Good Deal?

Pro's and con's of using splits recruiting

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Hide the pop up icon on the side

With the recent release that includes a pop up on the side of a page, it would be great to be able to turn that feature off (versus now you have to hide it on a case by case basis).

The reason for this is because as a recruiter I use video of a candidate's LinkedIn profile to explain why I'm reaching out to them.  I don't want the pop up on the side of the video and don't want to have to hide it every time.

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How to personalize the position

Hello recruiting colleagues, Hireez asked me to share with the community my recruiting experience as a Recruiter/Head Hunter that has a good reply rate, so I am here for the challenge!

I would like to share with you the process that helps me to better understand positions and to build the content for emails I send to candidates. I have been applying this process for the last few years of high market competition, and it serves me especially when I am searching for candidates for complex positions for the high –tech and bio-tech industry. It might be for early-stage startup companies or ones that are not yet known, the candidates did not hear about them as they have not yet been branded; they might be in a none-attractive location, or it might be a stealth-mode startup, in which case I cannot elaborate about the company and the product. I first applied this process when I started to recruit for an industry I was not familiar with, the biotech industry, and for companies that develop computational platforms – mainly aiming at computational research positions.

In a highly competitive market, in which I have to quickly catch and engage with talents while differentiating my approach as a recruiter, I knew I must have an in-depth understanding of the position so that I specifically target who to look for. I realized that I must speak directly with the hiring manager, as the formal job description that I have is not enough. I must learn what the value of the position is. I need to hear the hiring manager’s words on presenting the company, the specific role, the position’s main responsibilities, which candidates he would like to see and what is the right persona; the required experience, background, former roles in the industry, the criteria the hiring manager will not compromise on - what are musts and what are not. I need to hear the technical language he uses, how he presents the company to his target audience, so that I understand the specific relevant nuances. This helps me to focus my sourcing efforts and to reach the right candidates, but the most important thing that I must get from this conversation is: why should the candidate consider the job in this company? In a market condition of (almost) all workers being employed and employers being so competitive, I need to know the benefits of working in the team - what is in it for the candidate? What would attract him\her to apply for the position? It should address both professional/technical and personal aspects. What will the candidate gain professionally, technically, and personally from this position? Sometimes the hiring manager speaks about the company’s uniqueness and its contribution to the world etc., it is all good, but it is not enough; I need to know what makes the position unique: what are its main challenges, how it differs from other positions in the industry, why would the candidate want to join this team. Don’t be afraid of a short brainstorming session. Keep in mind that having the one precise answer, is sometimes all that is needed to get across the unique message of the position.

This process can be perceived as one of personalization of the position - so that the relevant candidates can authenticity connect to its essence.

I hope this post was of interest to you, and I wish us all great success in our recruiting efforts.

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HireEZ is a best and unique 5 star tool for recruiters and sourcers

I am using HireEZ from last 6 months and it is one of the best recruiting and contact details find tool i've ever experienced. Keep up the good work.

I use it daily to get contact details from LinkedIn. Very helpful.

I really appreciate all of your help in getting me find contact details.

You've been right there, helping out wherever and whenever needed for these past few months. From finding emails and phone numbers—I couldn't have done it without your expert support services.

Everything has finally come together, and we're ready to open the contact details of ang resume available on Linkedin, assured —thanks to your support again—that the grand tool will be a memorable one that establishes our reputation as the best sourcing and recruiting company in the industry!

I appreciate your assistance very much and look forward to continuing our collaboration.

Very needful and helpful for daily usage.

Thank you once again.

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Employer Branding Influence Candidates' Response Rate

An employer brand isn't only essential to current employees and an important part of prospecting candidates in recruitment. Companies aim to be the company that candidates and employees are proud to talk about in front of their friends the family. Besides writing a compelling outreach message, the employer brand also contributes to the candidates' response rate. When I speak with interested candidates, "Your company has good reviews online." is one of the common responses I get. How do I define a good employer brand in technical recruiting? Product and leadership.

Product means a product that can solve problems and involves innovative technologies in development. From the candidate's perspective, when a recruiter reaches out to me about a new opportunity, I look first at the company and what products they make. Our product is relevant and solves people's problems by getting a good match with jobs. We also utilize AI/ML technologies in our product, a new trend in the technological world. About 90% of my product and engineering candidates say they are interested in the opportunities because of the product and the technologies we use, such as AI/ML. Meanwhile, recruiters don't control what technologies are used in product development, but we can understand our product's selling points and amplify them. This alone can get your response rate to about 8%. 

In addition to product, leadership is the second largest contributor to employer branding. After learning about the product, the team is the next step of the research that candidates do. They want to know their future managers. What have the managers accomplished, and what impacts can their direct reports make under their wings. Companies with reputable leaders often advertise them on their career pages or in outreach emails. For instance, when I first joined the company, we were still in the process of building out teams, and many teams didn't have experienced managers in place. After our CEO worked with the executive search firms to get that leadership in place, our response rate jumped significantly, from 8% to 15%. Furthermore, the company's culture is defined by its leaders and its employees. Leaders from prestigious companies who have made significant accomplishments there would do the same for our company. 

Last but not least, stellar outreach messages are essential to a high candidate response rate, but employer branding is equally important. While it takes time and a lot of resources to build a good employer brand, as a recruiter, we can recognize what assets we have now and maximize their use. 

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How to Move the Candidates to Another Project Without Duplicating Candidates

Hi! Friends from hireEZ Community!

It’s Xiaomin from hireEZ Customer Support. I’d like to share a question mentioned by one of our users recently: a candidate in the existing project also suits another project, how can I move the candidate to another project without duplicating candidates. I’m wondering if you may have encountered a similar situation. I’d like to share my solution and learn your ideas. 

In terms of this question, we can actually divide it into two parts: how to check if the candidate is already in another project and how to move the candidate to another project without duplicating candidates.

When we open a candidate’s profile, we can see the project information clearly on the top right of the profile page. All the projects the candidate is saved in will be listed there. The stage of the candidate in this project will be shown as well. 

In this way, we can be aware of which projects shall be duplicated.

If the candidate is not involved in the project we would like to move, we can click on the button of “View all projects” and then we can find the corresponding project to add the candidate.

By clicking on the “Copy to another project”, we will be able to either add the candidate to an existing project or add to a new project.

We can find the project we would like to move the candidate to and click it, the system will give us an option to choose the stage to save the candidate.

Here is a regular solution to a simple situation. I’d love to learn if you have had similar but difficult situations and learn how you solved the issue. Welcome to comment your ideas or questions below! We can have more discussions together to better play around with the product.

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HireEZ functionality

HireEZ lives up to its name very well: Easy to Use.  Easy to navigate.  User friendly.  It provides me contact details almost all the time.  

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Job Hopping : The Latest Career Trend

“Switching jobs every 1-3 years is the fastest way to increase your salary, especially early in your career. Because hiring budgets are higher than raise or retention rates.”

When companies seek new talent for their teams, red flags get raised when they see frequent position changes on a candidate's resume. Hiring managers refer to this as “job hopping,” and see it to be a sign of a lack of commitment, loyalty, teamwork, or performance. In the past, this may have been partially true, but today as we face the after-effects of COVID-19 and The Great Resignation, many professionals who were laid off during the pandemic or have changed career paths are seeking a salary increase. Job hoppers today are making up to 30% more than they did at their last job, according to a Conference Board survey. Senior level and C-level executives are getting 30% more when they change jobs, which is a significant jump than lower level positions who only see a 10% or less increase in salary.

Employees across the country are starting to worry about how their salaries are going to keep up with the pace of inflation. Even if they’re happy in their current position, they have to pay the bills and support their families. 62% of all workers and 72% of millennial workers reported saying that this was a major concern for them. Job hopping has become the answer to this problem.

While some tech companies can afford to budget for retainment costs, others don’t have the option to give the 10-30% raises that employees are asking for in order to stay. While some settle for promotions or remote work flexibility, others leave and seek the hiring bonus from competitors. Hiring budgets are always higher than raise or retention rates, and workers know that. Job hopping isn’t something to look down on, but to instead reframe that workers are simply just valuing themselves to be worth more than what they’re getting.                                 

So, what does a job hopper look like? Generally, they stay at a job for one to three years at a time and leave when they are dissatisfied with their pay, upward mobility, or the company culture. Some, however, leave when they are seeking to learn new skills or to be more challenged in their field.

Companies can have a strong advantage against competitors when they hire these people, as they may possess valuable skills and perspectives that a typical candidate would not. For example, a website developer that moves into a marketing role may be more valuable because they know how to use code, SEO, and other development tools to boost advertising on various platforms. Retaining talent that can wear multiple hats with ease is invaluable to the modern workplace. Even though job hopping has become more popular post-pandemic, it’s important for both employers and candidates to remember what a responsible job hopper looks like. There needs to be a rationale for frequent position changes. Some examples of professional reasons to back up job hopping are; an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up, more money to support the household, a chance to relocate, or an opportunity to expand a particular skillset. Ensuring that the reasoning is sound makes both parties feel confident throughout the hiring process.

The bottom line, the market is changing for job seekers and employers. Hiring managers, keep an open mind and be receptive to unique job histories. There are hidden gems waiting in the vast pool of talent. Candidates, job hop responsibly and make sure you have the skills and reputation to back it up.

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How does hireEZ really help with your hiring process?

It’s a generally held “truth” in recruiting that timing is everything. It matters WHEN you reach out to a candidate and it matters HOW you reach out to a candidate. Using hireEZ, gives us a significant advantage in both arenas.

Market data has shown time and time again that nearly 90% of talent prefers to be emailed on a personal email rather than a cold phone call or even an InMail on LinkedIn. There are tons of little extensions and tools out there that CLAIM to be able to help you discover emails, however hireEZ has managed to put themselves head and shoulders above the rest. Most times when the “other guys” fall flat and leave you with no email, hireEZ is able to find not only one, but most times multiple emails for you to reach out on. This advantage helps us maintain the speed and preference of contact that is generally going to get more, talented people engaged with your company.

On the sourcing and CRM side of hireEZ, the ability to have DEIB filters and robust data visualizations in real-time on the status of your various pipelines cannot be overstated. I have yet to encounter another product that so constantly and correctly, identifies talent matches with a DEIB lean. Not only myself, but each team that I have been a part of that utilizes hireEZ, have been happy and satisfied since the beginning of the Hiretual days. As I move to new teams and new companies, one of the first things I like to find out in interviews is what tools the team is currently using and what would they consider bringing on if the value is shown. HireEZ is always the first to mind and first name asked about. If it’s being used or on the way to being used, that goes a long way in helping evaluate if this is a team/company that takes hiring/sourcing seriously. Keep up the great work, it matters for us on the front lines!

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HireEZ is a 5 star tool for recruiters and sourcers

I am using HireEZ from last 6 months and it is one of the best recruiting and contact details find tool i've ever experienced. Keep up the good work.

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Office Administrator

My name is Reshma and I am using hireEZ's tool to find email address and phone numbers. I found this tool is amazing with 100% accuracy. Love the tool and highly recommended.


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Easy to use - Super sourcing tool

HireEZ is an easy to use extension and helps us in getting the right talent along with their contact information just a click away. Keep up the good work. Thank you HireEZ!

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How We Help in Making Hires? - Voices from hireEZ Product Team

As the #1 AI-powered outbound recruiting platform, hireEZ helps the users source and reach out to ideal candidates. Have you ever wondered how those functions were born and why we finally design them in this way? There’s no doubt that the first rule is to make your hiring work easy. But how? Let’s hear the voices from hireEZ Product Team.

Engagement serves as a bridge between recruiters and candidates. It is an important step for you to make hires. So among all the fantastic functions in hireEZ, we’d like to start with it.


A Fully-functioned Email Engagement Suite

To provide a better user experience in the engagement, hireEZ Product team brought a fully-functioned email engagement suite, which means that as a recruiter, you can directly utilize the engagement functions as you do in other email services without switching to other tools.

The engagement suite covers almost all things SMB to MM companies would need to reach out to candidates they sourced and reviewed, from inviting them to apply to a position, setting up follow-up screening calls, or just to establish some nurture campaigns to keep in touch. 

hireEZ can connect with most mainstream email systems so that you could have access to the messages in hireEZ inbox as well as where you got your email. You can reach out to candidates with your working email rather than a built-in tool. This will make your message more reliable.


Bulk Outreach from Where You Source

Efficiency is the key of work. Bulk Outreach saves your time in hiring. The product is designed to seamlessly work with your sourcing - after finding those candidates with high potential matching your criteria, engagement is at your fingertips. Use flexible templates with variables to customize messages for each candidate, but send all of them with one click.


Email Sequence - Increase the Reply Rate

Most of you might realize that candidates tend to reply to your messages if you follow up for 2 or 3 times. That is why hireEZ product team designed the Email Sequence function, which is a  flexible drip campaign system. 

You no longer need to have another standalone CRM or email marketing tool to manage all the follow-up conversations if the first one didn’t get traction. With sequence, recruiters get a much higher response rate. As your team builds habits and rhythm using sequences, you will also start to see accumulated data analytics on the sequence performance, which will help your whole team to leverage those that have been enjoying a higher response rate.


Send on Behalf of Your Hiring Manager

You are not working alone! Collaboration is one of the most exciting things that hireEZ supports for your team, beyond just recruiters. With hiring managers joining the platform (now for free!!), you can send emails to candidates on behalf of your hiring manager - a message from the director of engineering will drive more credibility, excitement, and then responses from those always-being-sought-after-engineers.


Words from hireEZ Product Team

When designing hireEZ, we saw email engagement as critical as search and pipeline. Numerous times have we heard from recruiters who have to manually reach out to candidate by candidate, track their responses by setting up complex email inbox routings, not know who opened the email and who never did, and manage candidates in yet another spreadsheet. Or some might have paid high prices just for another CRM or email campaign tool. Our email engagement suite is designed to help our recruiters automate workflow, be data-driven, and be more successful in their outbound recruiting journey, one sequence at a time.


Wanna say something to hireEZ Product Team? Feel free to comment!

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Best and Easy to use tool

HireEz makes it very easy to find the right talent and also gives their contact details which helps in getting to the application process soon. It reduces the overall turnaround time of waiting for candidate the respond via linkedin otherwise. Thanks Hireez for making recruitment easy.

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The best tool to get contact info!

I've been using this tool since I've started my journey as a Technical Sourcer and it has been so helpful to me. There are times when HireEZ could generate emails of a specific profile that other tools could not, something I am very thankful for :)

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I love this tool because it helps me in finding the right emails for candidates. HireEZ makes recruiting more efficient. I find it easier having access to this tool to get through to a lot more people! 

quick result to find email. best tool.

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Great recruiting tool

best tool for recruiters 

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I love this tool because it helps me in finding the right emails for candidates. HireEZ makes recruiting more efficient. I find it easier having access to this tool to get through to a lot more people! 


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HireEZ never fails to impress

Let me know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Everyone who uses hireez knows how convenient it is for finding emails and contact info for candidates that don't have anything listed in their profiles but my story is not about how convenient this is for me everyday.

My story is about how despite how good Hireez is at finding emails nothing came up for this really promising candidate for a role I was trying to fill. He had all the qualifications I was looking for, worked for a great company, education from an amazing university and was immediately applying! I was a bit disappointed when nothing came up but I understood that sometimes people just keep their contact info completely untraceable.

But then, I saw that hireez, in all of its webscraping glory found this guy's website. It is a little embarrassing how legitimately excited this made me, but I was so impressed with this amazing tool we all use! From there I was able to dig through the website and eventually found some contact info buried away unnecessarily deep behind a couple tabs and all the way at the bottom of the page then. He was playing hard to get, but Hireez was too good. I hit him up for my role and it was honestly the best experience I've had while recruiting: the conversation flowed so easily, he had a great personality, perfect culture fit for the company, he was very qualified, and moved through the rounds at the company I was placing him at very quickly. Eventually after all that the company got back to me and they loved him! He got hired, all thanks to how endlessly useful Hireez is.

I figure writing this is the least I could do to show my thanks and spread the good word haha.

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One of the most useful tool in finding emails

Well done, HireEZ team!

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A great tool for sourcing

I've been using this tool for months now and it's my everyday partner at work. 

Helping me a lot with sourcing, for our consultants to quickly reach out to candidates. 

HireEZ is one of the best tools to use and it's user-friendly too. 

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First interview booked!

Got my first candidate booked for an interview by using HireEZ to get the contact details! So helpful <3 

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I defiantly recommend the hireEZ tool ,  because hire Ez give the accurate result for client .

hire EZ give the verified mail id  and phone number of client which is very help-full to getting the outsource business from the client .

Hire Ez. make your daily work very easier for finding the accurate details of the client instead of manual work for finding the details .

I can say i love this tool and again say i 100 % recommended this tool.

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Article I wrote about why emails / phone calls are always better than Linkedin inmail messages.

If you are like us searching and sourcing candidates on daily basis, you probably use many candidate search portals and tools, such as LinkedIn. One of the options to contact candidates on LinkedIn is sending an InMail.

In Canada with such a tight labour tech market, we use every tool possible (we use over 20) to reach out , qualify and secure tech candidate needed for our clients.

LinkedIn is a great tool to reach out to candidates but unfortunately not perfect. Just this year, Linkedin team discovered 21.6 million of fake accounts in a matter of few months. So imagine that Devops you have been sending messages to might not be real to begin with.

#1. InMail Is Not Reliable

Most candidates are bombarded by agencies and corporate recruiters alike with dozens of job offers. But in reality your average LinkedIn user only spends 17 minutes a month on LinkedIn. Let that sink in. That means that they have only 17 minutes to go through hundreds of messages if their title / role is in demand. That means they probably won’t ever open your LinkedIn InMail. Sorry.

On top of that, LinkedIn itself can not be relied on, as it can not even deliver the messages you send to candidates. Recently this year LinkedIn said that there were issues detected with LinkedIn messaging that resulted in some of the messages not getting delivered. Ouch.

Compare this to 2 other statistics: 28% of professionals’ day is spent on email platforms like Gmail and others; Professionals are also answering about 52 percent of all calls to their cell phones even if they do not recognize the number.

That is why we at Kovasys try not to rely on InMails that much, and much rather prefer to send email and call to make sure we can secure the best talent.

#2. Not Everyone is Logged into LinkedIn Every Day

Over 60% of LinkedIn users are not logged in there on daily basis. A lot of IT professionals are hanging out on Github, Stackexchange and similar platforms instead.

So by reaching out to some professionals via InMail – you only might get response in weeks – when that position has already been filled by someone less qualified for a job.

Instead at Kovasys we reach out to candidates on dozens of platforms to make sure we can cover a wider range of candidates and get quick turn around.

#3. Reaching out to the Same 6% of Talent and not Following up.

Did you know that 56% of recruiters are reaching out to the same 6% of talent? That usually means that when you, like 56% of other recruiters, are sending InMails you are targeting the first 50-100 candidates that show up in your search. The first users that show up are usually there because they are active on LinkedIn – updating their profile, interactive with other users, etc. But that means you lose out on the other 94% of potential candidates.

Follow up is also very important as most working professionals are super busy. At Kovasys we find that reaching out to the same candidate 4 times or more with job opportunities make him or her much more likely to reply and engage in a conversation. Unfortunately, LinkedIn blocks you sending follow up emails if candidate does not respond first. This is different if you have prequalified and have candidate’s permission to contact him or her with job opportunities related to them.

Happy Hunting!

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hireEZ's vision and mission

Hi Outbound Recruiting community members,

I would love to share what we see the future of Outbound Recruiting with all of members here!

  • For thousands of years, the recruiting has been the same. Bring job openings to the marketplace and people go to the marketplace, and then people can find the jobs. The marketplace was temple, church, town center, and then newspaper, flyers, and then Internet platforms. “People Find Jobs” is a conventional understanding of talent market for most people.  
  • Today, the talent market has been fundamentally changed. The ever-changing business world has enforced the employers to rethink and redefine their talent strategy. Talent quality is the key to winning the talent war in the competitive-ever market. Companies cannot expect that they will get sufficient and high-quality candidates if they’re waiting for people to find their jobs. On the other hand, people started to think the job as a career and individual growth. The growing specialization of skills people want to learn from their jobs and the mission and value they expect to hear from their future employers go way beyond just a job description posted on the marketplace. We can fairly say that the “People find Jobs” is no longer effective and efficient. There is a huge gap of today’s talent infrastructure to support the future of work and the future of talent market. 
  • And therefore, we at hireEZ created and built the technology and product to shift the paradigm from “people find jobs” to “jobs find people”. The future of talent acquisition requires a very proactive and strategic approach. Employers will use hireEZ to find and engage with the right candidates with the right message at the right time. Our customers go from being on the defensive and trying to keep up with the drastic changes in the talent market, to starting to play offensive. “Jobs find people” will fundamentally build the business’s competitive advantages from its PEOPLE. 
  • To make “jobs find people” happen, the critical milestone is to make Outbound Recruiting easy. Outbound approach has been widely proven by the sales & marketing industry. Today, the most successful businesses have been building their scalable and predictive outbound sales process. We believe that the same thing will happen to the recruiting industry. In thousands of years, jobs had been understood as an opportunity companies provided to the employees. It’s invalid today and in the future. The new definition of job opening is that “it’s a special product created by a company and recruiting is the Go-to-Market for that product”. Bring your jobs to people means bring your products to your customers. 
  • We are not only promoting a new process of doing talent acquisition, but also promoting a new career value for all recruiters. Our customers and users are so proud of bringing jobs to their future colleagues by selling them the vision, mission and value of their company and the job. With that being said, the future of talent market is to build the mutual growth of employers, employees and recruiters. We’re excited to dedicate to that mission.



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What is the difference between hireEz Professional and Enterprise Application?

Before I make a big leap, I need to know what my ROI will be when using Professional or Enterprise.  Please help me understand the difference so I will not make a financial mistake. 

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ROCKING hireez

This is the WORLDS best personal contact finding site for Linkedin/Indeed

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HireEZ is the best softwere of leadgenraction plateform.

i am a Senior QA at insol technoheight.

HireEZ is the best softwere of leadgenraction plateform.

100% best service.

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