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I want to import candidates from LI and clone someone

EZ Sourcing



  • Tracy James

    Hey mia, I have the same case as you… and then I realized that hireEZ has a chrome extension. So, I import candidates by adding them to my hireEZ project through the chrome extension. Maybe you can try it.

  • Ivy T.

    Hi there, glad to know that I’m not the only one with the question! I do know that their top-tier plan can do bulk import, but since I can’t talk my manager into that, I will just import them one by one. Hope you guys(hireEZ) can do better in the future...

  • Yating Wang

    Hi Mia, I'm Yating from hireEZ support team. Thanks for sharing your case here!

    Our Enterprise plan provides a bulk import feature, and you can also connect your ATS to bulk export candidates.

    For professional users: if you have found candidates on other platforms that you would like to reach out to, you can simply click on hireEZ's Chrome Extension to sync talents to your hireEZ projects individually.

    The process of adding candidates to your hireEZ projects: 
    open hireEZ Chrome Extension on the candidate's profile page ➡ click on 'Add to project' ➡ select the project and stage ➡ click on 'Add'



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