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Searching candidates who are not currently employed/open to working

EZ Sourcing



  • Mia tast
    Conversation starter

    I don’t find a function in hireEZ that can directly filter “not currently employed” candidates. I will say the keyword search is a good section that can filter from candidates’ whole profiles when I’m not quite clear about the filter setting. I put in “Looking for a new job” or “open to opportunities” and it worked. I think there are more keywords…

  • Elana Rao
    Community moderator
    Great answers

    Hi Rachel

    hireEZ currently does not provide the function to see whether the candidates are looking for jobs. Based on the past experience of other users, there are some alternatives ways for your reference to find candidates who are “open to new opportunities”:

    • When we click the candidate's name to see the whole profile, we will be able to see the "Availability" insights, which is an index to see if the candidate is open to a new opportunity.  See the screenshot


    • You can also use hireEZ power filters "high availability" when candidates' numbers are less than 1,000  in the pool.

    Meanwhile, we have some tips and tricks about how to search out the candidates that might be looking for jobs, you may refer to this article: How to Find Candidates Who Are "Open to New Opportunities"?


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