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    Great question, Linda! There are two mechanisms we have in place for refreshing hireEZ's dataset of 800M+ profiles.

    1. We automatically refresh the data as candidates are sourced when you're running a search, so everyone will always have an up-to-date profile unless they have changed their LI URL (or changed their LI profile to private). In those cases, we physically can't refresh their data. 
    2. We also are continually updating 85%+ of our profiles on a rolling basis every 3 months. All candidates are in a queue (with some automated prioritization happening based on search-type frequency across our user base) and every 3 months, the system has run through that queue to update the profiles. This also includes profiles that aren't frequently sourced for, and we're constantly trying to cover more % of our total profiles during the mass refresh.
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    Hi Linda! I'm Elana from hireEZ support team. Sorry for your experience with inaccurate info. We will let our data team and engineering team know this feedback and keep our nose to data refreshing.

    I'd like to kindly remind here that the candidate's profile will be updated faster if you report an inaccurate profile. To report an inaccurate profile, you could click on the three dots button on top of the candidate’s profile page and select Report Issue from the drop-down menu. See the screenshot:

    Also, feel free to contact if you encounter any problem with the product! We’re always happy to help! :)


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