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Updating candidates' profiles

EZ Pipeline


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  • Elana Rao
    Community moderator
    Great answers

    Hi Alex,  I’m Elana from hireEZ support team. Thank you for sharing your case about updating the candidate profile. 

    Firstly, you could update the candidate by editing the profile or adding notes/tags when you have new experiences/information that you want to add to the candidate's profile. For editing the profile, you will see a small pencil in the corner of the Info Sections when you hover the mouse to the section. You could add notes or tags under the tab of notes/tags. See the screenshot:

    Secondly, it should be more appropriate to follow up with candidates if the candidate's insight(available for Enterprise Plan) shows that they are in high availability. Also, the availability of moving to a new job will be relevantly higher for those candidates whose last job ended recently. For the definition of candidate's availability, you may refer to this article How Does hireEZ Define Candidate's Availability.


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