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Modifying the hiring process template

EZ Pipeline


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  • Elana Rao
    Community moderator
    Great answers

    Hi Martin

    Currently the feature that allows for modification of the hiring process template is only available to team members that have admin permissions in their hireEZ account - since your account does not have this access, this is why you're not able to currently edit the options you found on your end.

    You're welcome to use any of the options that are currently available in your account, perhaps the one that most closely matches your process would work? An alternative is to Use 'tags' on the candidate profiles to indicate if they're in the 'resume screen' stage or 'follow up' stage.

    One thing to note is that even in creating custom templates, at this time we're not able to add stages in between the good fit, contacted and replied stages. We're only able to add stages after the replied stage.

    Hope this helps, and let us know if there's anything else we can provide more details on.


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