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No Information on Profile

EZ Sourcing


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  • Elana Rao
    Community moderator
    Great answers

    Hi Bianca Thank you for bringing this feedback to Community!

    Usually, we automatically refresh the data as candidates are sourced when you're running a search, and we also are continually updating 85%+ of our profiles on a rolling basis every 3 months.

    For your case it might be another scenario of hireEZ data refresh mechanisms:

    Event-trigger online update: Whenever a candidate is sourced, or its profile is viewed by a user (on hireEZ web app or on Chrome extension), it triggers the freshness check in hireEZ. If it is more than 3 month old and/or out of date, hireEZ will put the profile in the 'instantaneous' refresh queue. This usually takes a few seconds to minutes to update a single profile.

    Hope this may help explain why "the candidates information are pulled up later or the next day".


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