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  • Elana Rao
    Community moderator
    Great answers

    Hi Samantha

    We did learn some insight on "the best day to send email" from users' feedback and our data team. Based on our study of 'the open rates of emails sent in different time in the United States in 2021',  we feel confident to say the first email sent during weekday afternoon local time generally have the highest open rate.

    What I want to add here is 'the best day to send emails’ may depend on your response rate and evaluation of your audiences. My advice is to utilize EZ Engagement features by sending messages or setting email sequences. Under the massage tab you can start figuring out which day gets you the better response rate. This may take A/B testing and evaluation, while hireEZ can help you track the open rate, clicked rate and response rates, that will help you determine which days works the best for those who you want to reach.

    Hope this help!


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